Welcome to Torch Volleyball!  This is an orientation page for new athletes and parents to help answer questions you may have. 


We are now in the Summer Season which started June 1, 2020.  The season will last for 12 weeks.  Practices are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:30.

  • The club uses Groupme for communications concerning practices or tournaments.  Make sure you are added to the group to get updates.

  • Registration is required and can be completed online here.

  • Disclaimer for facility use needs to be filled out and signed.

This season, most of our athletes are in high school.  We currently have 20 athletes (10 pairs) who compete in local tournaments, including a new format, club versus club.  Most of the tournaments require an AVP, USAV, or AAU membership depending on the host.  These memberships are a separate cost.

Parents and athletes decide whom they will partner with in tournaments and which tournaments they will play in.  The only exception would be the club versus club tournaments where the coach would decide the pairs.  There is no minimum required number of tournaments.  Play as often as you like.  A schedule of tournaments, clinics, and camps can be found here.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Practice Location

For the last four years, we have practiced on the UCF courts.  Due to our growth and the campus closure, we have moved to some very nice private courts in Winter Park on Lake Howell.  This is a temporary location until parks start opening up again.  We will practice here through July 2nd.  Look for the pavered driveway.

Torch Volleyball Courts at Musser Beach

2780 Lake Howell Lane

Winter Park, FL 32792

Starting on July 6th, we will be moving to Red Bug Park courts.


Torch Volleyball Courts at Red Bug Park

3600 Red Bug Lake Road
Casselberry, Fl 32707

Club Fees

The Summer Season is 12 weeks long and costs $600.  The first payment of $300 is due June 4th and the second and final payment of $300 is due July 6th.  If you start after June 1st, we can work out a pro-rated cost.

Invoices will be sent out by email and can be paid by credit card, Venmo (@torchvolleyball), or by check.

Each practice session is two and one-half hours long which includes thirty extra minutes to apply towards any canceled sessions.  This way, we can bank makeup time throughout the season without scheduling extra practice days. 


Missed sessions will not be carried over past the Summer season.


Practices start at 5:00.  Please arrive on time and ready to start.  Bring plenty of water (2 quarts is recommended), sunglasses, a towel, and possibly a small snack.

Parents are welcome to stay and watch practice.  If you come from the indoor club world, this is not always the case.  We choose to open practice to the parents so they can watch them play and watch their effort level.

The first 15-20 minutes of practice are light dynamic warmups, the next 20 minutes or so are multitouch warmup drills and are progressively more active.  Next, we focus on specific skills set drills and the final part of practice is full game play.

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